Pregnancy Crisis Intervention: What to Do and Say When It Matters Most

by John Ensor

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Binding: Paperback
Pages: 136
Pub Date: January 2019
ISBN: 9781683072072
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Product Description

Pregnancy Crisis Intervention provides pregnancy counselors—and those who want to help—with a roadmap for assisting women who are in the midst of a pregnancy crisis.

One of the main challenges of pregnancy crisis intervention is finding ways to uphold the humanity of the unborn, affirm the woman in crisis, and eventually find a life-affirming solution for both. It’s a profoundly challenging but ultimately rewarding work for all involved. This book is written to help you know with confidence what to do and say when it matters most.

Within the broader field of counseling, there is crisis assessment, intervention, and management. Because traumatic events vary so widely, crisis counseling has specialized guidelines for distinct crisis events: sexual assault, domestic violence, suicide, military reentry, and others. Pregnancy Crisis Intervention examines pregnancy-related crisis and effective intervention.

Introduction: The Need for Wise Engagement
1. Starting Points in What to Do and Say When It Matters Most
2. Understanding Crisis and the Woman in a Pregnancy-Related Crisis
3. Understanding Who You Are in the Intervention Process
4. When You Meet Together
5. Grounding Your Counseling in Informed Consent
6. Understanding Pregnancy Crisis Intervention as a Process
7. Effective Crisis Interventions Skills

Also includes “Twelve Questions to Guide Beginners in PCI,” “Pregnancy Crisis Intervention Resources,” and “Voices From the Field Contributors.”


“This is a unique resource that takes you to the inner response and thoughts of women in turmoil. Both the women considering abortion and those seeking a way to help them are looking for answers. For those confronted with ‘What do I do?’ and those wondering ‘What do I say?’ this book has answers. This resource reflects the understanding of the author and assists the reader in what they can say and do to help others. It combines the findings of research with the practical, and the writing of this author reflects his depth of knowledge and ability to take this information he has gathered and present it in a helpful manner. Anyone working in this field will be appreciative of this new resource.”
Dr. H. Norman Wright, licensed marriage, child, family therapist; certified trauma specialist; traumatologist; Board Certified in Bereavement Trauma; trainer and board member of Victim Relief Ministries; author of The Complete Guide to Crisis & Trauma Counseling

Author Bio

John Ensor, an ordained evangelical pastor, serves as a leader in the pro-life movement as a speaker, author, mentor, and colaborer. John is president of PassionLife, where he concentrates on helping missionaries and indigenous Christian leaders serving in countries plagued by abortion to equip the church in bioethics and pregnancy crisis intervention services.