Die Wiedman Bibel Art Edition, Schwarz

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Retail: $749.95
Size: 11.81 x 11.81 inches
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 1740
Pub Date: 2018
ISBN: 9783438033529
ISBN-13: 9783438033529
Item Number: 033529
Categories: Bibles; Language and Reference

Product Description

Brought to you by the German Bible Society, the Wiedmann Bible is a visual representation of the Holy Scriptures that transcends all languages and invites anyone and everyone to experience the Bible for themselves.

Renowned German artist Willy Wiedmann (1929-2013) worked on this Bible for sixteen years (1984-2000), creating it in his Polycon Painting Style. It is the only Bible depicting the complete Old and New Testament in hand-painted images, and the 3,333 paintings have a length of approximately one mile when laid side by side.

This exclusive and limited ART-Edition is available in a high quality hardcover two-volume set with hot foil gold stamping and a matching slipcase. The copies are consecutively numbered.

The ART-Edition contains all 3,333 images, along with the artist’s comments on his work and Bible verses from the revised Luther Bible 2017. A supplementary volume with information about the artist and his works is included as well. English and Spanish versions will be available in the future.

The ART-Edition
• 11.81 X 11.81 inches
• 828 and 912 pages
• 3,333 color plates
• linen with gold embossing
• thread stitching

Supplementary volume:
• 11.81 X 11.81
• 80 pages
• paperback