The following are the most frequently asked questions of Hendrickson Publishers.

Hendrickson Publishers has a strong history of producing outstanding academic, trade, and reference books at a reasonable price.

Through our academic publishing program, we seek to meet the publication needs of the religious studies academic community worldwide with works on the Hebrew Bible and Hebrew language, ancient Near Eastern studies and archaeology, New Testament and Greek language, biblical theology, Judaism, patristics, church history, historical theology, practical theology, and religion and culture. Hendrickson is also delighted to be partnering with the German Bible Society, the premier publisher of original language Bibles.

On the trade end, Hendrickson is pleased to offer a greatly expanded Bibles publishing program, including a wide variety of print, audio and DVD Bibles. Our products include books on Christian living topics, Biblical studies and reference works for both pastors and the thoughtful layperson, devotionals, and many of the Christian classics.

To request a complete catalog, please contact us at orders@hendrickson.com

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Our products can be purchased through a local Christian bookstore or online.

For permission to reproduce material from a Hendrickson Publishers title or for translation and publication rights, please submit your request in WRITING VIA SURFACE MAIL, FAX, OR E-MAIL:

Surface Mail:
Hendrickson Publishers
Rights and Permissions
P.O. Box 3473
Peabody, MA 01961-3473 USA

FAX: 978-573-8146

E-MAIL: rights@hendrickson.com

Please allow at least 30 business days for a response. All inquiries will be handled in the order received.

If the original material was published in the United States 75 or more years ago (“public domain”), it can be used without permission from the current publisher. In some cases Hendrickson holds the rights to the typesetting of such materials. In that event, Hendrickson grants educational and other not-for-profit institutions permission to photocopy these materials free of charge for the use of their own constituents. They should be correctly cited, including author, title, copyright date, and publisher.

Copyright protection remains in effect irrespective of a book’s out-of-print status. Please check with Hendricksons Customer Service Department at orders@hendrickson.com to determine availability. In some cases retailers such as Christian Book Distributors will have stock when Hendrickson Publishers no longer does.

To inquire about job openings at Hendrickson Publishers, please send your resume and cover letter to: Hendrickson Publishers Human Resources P.O. Box 3473 Peabody, MA 01961-3473


Most of our editorial and proofreading needs are met in-house and through freelance people who have worked for us for some time. It is rare for us to add someone new to the list, but we would be glad to see your resume. You may send it to:

Hendrickson Publishers
Editorial Department
P.O. Box 3473
Peabody, MA 01961-3473