Just as Christ transforms individuals from the inside out, he is also working on the heart of your marriage. Through this video Bible study series, learn to cultivate and enjoy a beautiful marriage that’s rooted and grounded in Christ. Because whether you have been married for a few years or thirty years, there is always room to grow! Scroll down to watch video previews and read more about the individual volumes.

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Starting Strong

In Starting Strong, learn about the importance of cultivating a strong and solid biblical foundation. This study guide combined with candid, never-before-seen video interviews with your favorite marriage experts will help you explore what it means to have shared vision, unity, and belief in your spouse, as well as how to find your true identity in Jesus. Through touching and personal stories, timeless wisdom, and sage advice, you’ll glean spiritual understanding and inspiration for a lifetime of marriage.

Working Together

This Working Together study focuses on helping you discover deeper communication and understanding with your spouse. In candid video interviews on the corresponding DVD, your favorite relationship experts share their personal techniques for cultivating intimacy within their marriages. As you work through the chapters and sessions, you’ll come away with tangible practices to confront unspoken expectations and conflict. You’ll also learn how vital active listening, repentance, and forgiveness are in your relationship. In a touching bonus session, Theresa and Chip Ingram share about remarriage.

Staying Connected

In Staying Connected, learn about the importance of remaining a strong team despite challenges and distractions that will inevitably come your way. This study guide and the accompanying DVD will help you explore what it means to allow challenges to knit you together rather than tear you apart, to keep proper priorities while raising a family, and to be intentional about spending time together and having fun. Also included is a bonus session on adopting children.