Caring for Our Aging Parents: Lessons in Love, Loss, and Letting Go

by Michele Howe

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Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 137
Pub Date: October 2016
ISBN: 9781619708358
ISBN-13: 9781619708358
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Categories: Christian Living

Product Description

In Caring for Our Aging Parents, Michele Howe provides practical and necessary guidance to help readers navigate the uncertain and emotional territory of caring for elderly parents. This book addresses the mental and emotional aspects of growing older, and offers sound biblical advice on how to care for your loved ones with positivity and respect.

Caring for Our Aging Parents will guide adult individuals who are facing the obvious and subtle changes that take place as their parents age. It addresses a variety of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual areas of decline. Readers will learn how to deal more effectively with their own emotional responses to these ever altering shifts in their parents’ personalities with good grace and by utilizing sound biblical principles.

This resource offers real life stories of individuals who have found positive and life-affirming methods to communicating respectfully and lovingly to their aged parents. Readers will also be heartened to find practical suggestions for mending broken relationships and gaining new ground with their parents, even when their past has been checkered by pain and difficulty.

Chapters Include: They’re My Parents Too, Love and Respect Defined, When Finances Become Deal Breakers, Learning to Let Go of the Past, Focusing on the Eternal When the Temporal Feels Too Painful, Seeing Older Parents Through the Lens of Grace, Recognizing Your Parents’ Personalities May Completely Disappear, Gently Challenging Parents to Keep Using Their Gifts and Talents, Sharing Your Faith with Unbelieving Parents, and many more.


“As a former caregiver, I find Michele’s caring tips to be spot on. Caring for Our Aging Parents offers hope and encouragement for scenarios any caregiver can experience. . . . If you’re new to caregiving or it’s become your way of life, Caring for Our Aging Parents will help you in your journey.”
Linda Goldfarb, author/speaker, Christian life coach, personality profiler, and founder of Parenting Awesome Kids

“Eminently practical yet also keenly inspirational, Michele Howe’s Caring for Our Aging Parents is the kind of book you don’t want to need, yet the one you’ll be thrilled to own when the time comes to care for a loved one. Packed with personal insights and spiritual fuel for the journey, this book provides the perfect companionship to help transform a challenging phase of life into a gifted opportunity to serve with love.”
Lisa M. Hendey, author of The Grace of Yes and founder of

“I have found the stories Howe shares to be completely relatable, and I keep thinking, ‘That’s me!’ Her insight is based on experience, and it shows. . . . This book needs to be in the hands of everyone who is or will soon be the go-to caretaker of an aging loved one.”
Diane Markins, author of Contentment Connection: 75 Ways to Grow Joy & Satisfaction

Author Bio

Michele Howe’s most recent books include Caring for Our Aging Parents: Lessons in Love, Loss, and Letting Go (2016), Empty Nest, What’s Next? Parenting Adult Children without Losing Your Mind (2015), Burdens Do a Body Good (2010), Still Going It Alone (2008), and Going It Alone (1999). She has also authored Pilgrim Prayers for Single Mothers (Pilgrim Press) and a third book of helps for single mothers titled, Successful Single Moms (Pilgrim Press.) In addition to these resources for single mothers, Michele wrote four separate titles combining real life stories with inspirational prayer retreats. These titles published by (Jossey-Bass) include: Prayers for Homeschooling Moms, Prayers to Nourish a Woman''s Heart, Prayers of Comfort and Strength and Prayers for New and Expecting Moms.

Michele is also a reviewer for Publishers Weekly,, Aspiring Retail, Foreword Magazine,,, among many others national and international publications. She has published over 1000 reviews/articles and has been featured on numerous radio shows across the country speaking on topics such as parenting and a diverse range of women''s health issues. Her work has been published in MORE, FIRST for Women, Good Housekeeping, Christianity Today, Discipleship Journal, Midwest Living, Parentlife, Fullfill, Christian Single, Single Parent Family, Focus on the Family, and Connections. She also does copywriting and manuscript reviewing for several publishing houses including New Growth Press.

In addition to her article and books writing, Michele writes a weekly women''s lifestyle and single parenting column at Read Michele''s column at: In line with her passion for working with single parents, Michele''s resources offer encouragement to women of all ages by challenging them to exercise their combination of strengths, skills, and life wisdom in pursuit of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Recognizing that life is often difficult, women can learn how to recognize (and find solace in) significant life-markers and by so doing, acquire the strength to embrace their daily challenges.