Envy & Jealousy: Taming the Terrible Twins

by June Hunt
Hope For The Heart Series

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Retail: $3.99
Size: 4 x 7 inches
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 96
Pub Date: March 2018
ISBN: 9781628621846
ISBN-13: 9781628621846
Item Number: 621846
Categories: Christian Living

Product Description

Envy and jealousy—these tumultuous twins are known to dominate and demand and also resist being told no. If not restrained, envy and jealousy will wreak havoc and ruin your relationships.

In this book, you will discover:
• How to eliminate envy
• How to rise above jealousy
• How to have an attitude of gratitude

Leading Christian counselor June Hunt provides solutions with her best-selling, Bible-based counseling series Hope for the Heart. All 40+ topics, such as Forgiveness, Depression, and Verbal and Emotional Abuse, were chosen by Christians as the top issues they wanted more support and spiritual resources for. June Hunt’s 96-page, pocket-sized books offer relevant, practical advice for Christians at all levels of their Christian life.

Author Bio

June Hunt is a biblical counselor whose award-winning radio program Hope for the Heart is heard on nearly 900 radio outlets around the world. Hope for the Heart booklets have been published in 27 languages in several formats and are being translated into more. June is a popular guest professor at colleges and seminaries and a sought-after speaker at conferences and religious broadcasting events.