The Matthew's Bible 1537 Edition

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Pub Date: 2009
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Product Description

Pastor John Rogers assembled in 1537 a volume that contained, for the first time as part of a complete Bible, all of William Tyndale’s translation work, the 1534 New Testament, the Pentateuch, and the nine historical books, ending with 2 Chronicles. Where there were gaps in Tyndale’s work, Rogers used that of Miles Coverdale (1535).

Archbishop Thomas Cranmer saw to it that the Matthew’s Bible was shown to King Henry VIII, who then licensed the complete Bible in English. Thomas Cromwell, Henry’s Viceregent for church affairs, subsequently en¬couraged bishops to order copies of the Matthew’s Bible for their churches. Such official sanction sparked tremendous demand for the book.

• Facsimile of an excellent copy of the 1537 Matthew’s Bible
• Features clear, legible type throughout (marginal commentary is in smaller type)
• Authoritative new preface
• Great for Bible collectors and anyone interested in the history of the English Bible


"The Matthew's Bible brings together the work of two giants of sixteenth century English Bible translation. William Tyndale and Myles Coverdale shared a vision of making the scriptures available to ordinary believers concerned that their authority might be undermined in a time when kings and clerics alike opposed translating them into English. While Coverdale worked on his translation, another version was being prepared. Printed in Antwerp and published in England, the new version came to be called "Matthew's Bible" since its compiler, John Rogers (1500?-1555), adopted the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew" lest he meet Tyndale's fate.

"William Tyndale's New Testament (1526) was the first English translation made from the original language, and it made the most of the emerging English tongue. In 1534 Rogers had gone to Antwerp as chaplain to the English merchants. There he met Tyndale, under whose influence he abandoned the Roman Catholic faith. Before Tyndale was executed, Rogers obtained the portion of the Bible from Joshua to Second Chronicles that Tyndale had translated but was unable to publish. These Rogers printed for the first time along with Tyndale's 1530 edition of the Pentateuch, Coverdale's translation of the rest of the Old Testament and Apocrypha, and Tyndale's 1535 edition of the New Testament. Thus, Roger's work involved no translation, only compilation, it being two-thirds the work of Tyndale and one-third that of Coverdale. This became The Byble, which is all the holy Scripture: in which are contained the Olde and Newe Testament truly and purely translated into Englysh by Thomas Matthew. Reading Middle English takes some getting used to, but the reader will find that it really does not take as long as one would think. The Gothic type, on the other hand, is difficult to get used to for us who are used to Roman typeface. It wasn't until the Geneva Bible (1560) that Roman type was used in Bibles.

"Knowing neither Hebrew nor Greek, Myles Coverdale consulted Latin, English and German sources to guide his work. The vocabulary of Tyndale, John Wyclif, and others appears in the Coverdale Bible (1535), which was the first complete Bible in English.

"This beautiful volume features clear, legible type with faithfully reproduced, color pages. The informative three-page introduction is by Dr. Joseph W. Johnson, a lifetime member of the Tyndale Society, and has served as North American Representative for the Society.

"Other facsimile editions available from Hendrickson Publishers that we know of are the 1611 King James Version, Tyndale's 1526 edition, and The Geneva Bible 1560 Edition. All lovers of the history of the Bible, and especially Bible collectors, are deeply grateful to Hendrickson for making these gems available in such elegant bindings and at reasonable prices."
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