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Healing the Wounds that Hurt Relationships: Practical and Spiritual Help

by Martin Rovers

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Retail: $16.95
Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Binding: Paper
Pages: 224
Pub Date: 2006
ISBN: 1598560476
ISBN-13: 9781598560473
Item Number: 560476
Case Quantity: 56
Categories: Christian Living; Pastoral Helps

Product Description

For people who want to love and be loved…

We all bring a wound or two from childhood to our relationship with our spouse. In Healing theWounds thatHurt Relationships, psychologist Martin Rovers helps you examine and re-create your relationship in a healthy and loving way.

This is a hope-filled book for individuals and couples, as well as those who work with them in counseling: people who want to love and be loved, who want to know where love comes from, how it works, how love can live or die and, especially, how to live a fuller, more loving life with their spouse.

PART 1: The Dance of Wounds
Ch. 1: Family of Origin: The Wounds are Born
Ch. 2: My Wounds, As Best I Know Them
Ch. 3: Falling in Love Blinds Us to the Wounds
Ch. 4: The Honeymoon is Over
Ch. 5: The Dance of Wounds

PART 2: The Dance of Re-creating Relationships
Ch. 6: Re-Creating the Relationship I: Know Thyself
Ch. 7: Re-Creating the Relationship II: Communication
Ch. 8: Re-Creating the relationship III: Emotional Connectedness
Ch. 9: Re-Creating the Relationship
IV: Spirituality and Forgiveness

Conclusion: A Family-of-Origin Story

“It is amazing. You have taken some difficult concepts and translated them into a readable form. You offer such hope and provide a clear map as to how to get back on track and live an enriching relationship. You have drawn from many masters and used their work to build a unique model for yourself. Many times couples ask me if there is a book they can read. Now I have one.”
—Jim, Marriage and Family Therapist

“Dr. Rovers’ book is firstly about hope—for troubling relationships and for those who seek to improve theirs. Granted all relationships take work or they would have no lasting value. The exercises given to do are not daunting, but achievable. Just as “it takes many stones to make a mountain,” little efforts can make for great results. It is with gratitude that I read this book and found it to be heartfelt, insightful, fresh in perspective and a real asset to the field of couple building, so needed in today’s society. I like very much the dialogue wheel and will start using it right away. I look forward to future works by this author.”
—Carol, Teacher

Author Bio

Martin W. Rovers, a marriage and family therapist teaches in the Faculty of Human Sciences at Saint Paul University in Ottawa. He has written numerous journal articles on a synthesis of family or origin and attachment theory.

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