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The Revelation of Saint John

by George B. Caird
Black's New Testament Commentary, Volume 19

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Retail: $24.95
Binding: cloth
Pages: 336
Pub Date: 1993
Volumes in Series: 19
ISBN: 1565630181
ISBN-13: 9781565630185
Item Number: 30181
Categories: Commentaries; Biblical Studies and Interpretation

Product Description

Since its appearance nearly 35 years ago, Black's New Testament Commentary Series has been hailed by both scholars and pastors for its insightful interpretations and reliable commentary. Each book in the series includes: an insightful introduction to the important historical, literary, and theological issues; key terms and phrases from the translation highlighted in the commentary where they are discussed; explanations of special Greek or foreign terms; references to important primary and secondary literature; and a Scripture index.

"To Dr. Caird—and this is the main thing—the Apocalypse preaches the authentic gospel; 'John's doctrine of salvation, like that of the New Testament as a whole, is in three tenses,' but 'it is characteristic of his visions that the tenses are constantly interfused,' for 'the end is not an event but a person, the first and the last. . . .'"
—F. F. Bruce, Evangelical Quarterly


". . . the best single critical commentary on the English text of Revelation."
—Paul S. Minear, Journal of Biblical Literature

"[Caird] successfully demonstrates the artistic character of the language and structure of the Revelation to John and opens ways to the understanding of its seemingly wild and chaotic imagery. . . . The interpretation is followed by thorough consideration of the historical problems, the relationship between the Revelation and the Old Testament, the Jewish apocalyptic literature, and the New Testament. Helpful statistics of the vocabulary of the Revelation and a comprehensive bibliography round off this excellent work."
—Mathias Rissi, Interpretation

Author Bio

George Bradford Caird, (d. 1984) was Dean Ireland's Professor of Exegesis of Holy Scripture in the University of Oxford.

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