Three times a year, we’ll send you new titles tailored to your library’s needs through our Library Standing Order Program.

New libraries get 70% off any book published in 2016 or earlier (i.e. no 2017 titles) when you sign up today! (Restrictions: Does not include German Bible Society, Carta-Jerusalem, or My-iBible products)

How does it work?

When you sign up, choose from four categories (pick all that apply):
– Academic
– Biblical Reference
– Ancient Languages
– Thoughtful Trade

We’ll automatically ship hand-picked books to your door, three times a year, in February, August, and October.
You have 30 days to review the titles and choose to keep them or return them. If you decide to keep them, payment is due 30 days after initial receipt.

Are you ready to start receiving curated shipments of books through our Library Standing Order Program?

Call: 1-800-358-3111 or sign up by filling out this form.

FAQs: Click on the questions below to see the answers.

Three times a year: In February, August, and October

It depends on what new books were published in any given season, and it depends on how many categories you sign up to receive. At times there may be one or two books per category, and other times there may befive or six. But most shipments will most likely contain a total of up to ten books.

Each shipment will contain new books that fit into these four categories: Academic, Biblical Reference, Ancient Languages, and Thoughtful Trade. You may sign up to receive books from any of these categories. Some books belong in mulitple categories, but you will only get one copy.

You have 30 days to review the titles and determine what you would like to keep.Within 30 days, you may return the books and only pay the shipping expense.If you do not return the books within 30 days, we will assume you are keeping them and payment is due 30 days after the initial shipment receipt.

There is no subscription fee for this program. Signing up for this program gives you 45% off the books that you decide to keep. So your cost will vary depending on the retail prices and number of books you decide to keep.

If you have more questions, please contact our customer service department at 1-800-358-3111 or email
They are happy to help!